“Nutrition Club Notification Form 2011”

Distributors operating Nutrition Clubs from non-residential locations are required to submit a Notification Form to Herbalife, at least 30 days prior to the official opening date of their Club. WHY DO I NEED TO SUBMIT A NOTIFICATION FORM?

Nutrition Club Purpose

Guidelines: The WA Nutrition Cub Owners Committee (Kim Broemer, Mariani Broemer, Bruce Hutchinson, Kaye Hutchinson, Bill Bell) have established the following points as a guide to operating a successful club. It is important to recognize that each club will have its own unique environment and style; however, the fundamentals should remain the same. Keep in mind that your club should be a member based model, the more attractive and interesting the activities you provide the more likely will be your clubs success. These Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Herbalife Australia Nutrition Club Manual. Purpose of an NC: 1. Promote two Supervisors per month 2. Duplicate the Nutrition Club

Nutrition Club Manual

Today, Nutrition Clubs are still very much an untapped market in Australia and New Zealand. There has never been a better time to open a Club!

Nutrition Club Guidelines

Nutrition Clubs started in Mexico with the purpose of taking Mark’s mission and vision to every community. There are now more than 71,000 Nutrition Clubs worldwide!

Training Guide

This training guide is for Nutrition Club Operators. The purpose of this guide is to provide information and operational guidance regarding Nutrition Clubs. These guidelines must be observed by Operators in developing their Clubs.

Station Rental Agreement

1. LEASED PREMISES The premises to which this lease relates are located at: __________Center YOUR LOCATION ADDRESS and shall consist of an approximately 30 inch W X 19 inch D X 34 inch H Station upon said premises sufficient to operate a Product Station. LESSEE shall have the right to occupy the premises and to operate said Station as a business open to the public.