Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson and FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez

As part of the settlement with Herbalife, the FTC imposed a number of restrictions on Herbalife’s business. By eliminating illegal behavior at the company, Herbalife’s pyramid business will be crippled. Nevertheless, Herbalife has continued its misinformation campaign and has spun this outcome as a victory. Notice how FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez, Herbalife’s main regulator, discusses the strong settlement compared with Herbalife CEO Michael Johnson’s explanation.

Herbalife Distributor Nick Fevola
July 8, 2016

Herbalife Distributor Melissa Lox
July 11, 2016

Herbalife Distributor Melissa Impett
July 12, 2016

Herbalife Distributor Sheriff Taiwo
July 13, 2016

1 distributor drops out of Herbalife every 16.7 seconds.

Since 2013 alone, 
distributors have dropped out.

What makes Herbalife a pyramid scheme?

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