Herbalife Products Alert Warning

SAN DIEGO/EWORLDWIRE/May 19, 2008 --- The Fraud Discovery Institute (FDI) released warning of dangerously high levels of lead allegedly found in six common Herbalife products.

Herbalife, Instead of Cooking the Books, Potentially Cooked the Batch

SAN DIEGO/EWORLDWIRE/June 10, 2008 – In response to an abrupt, Sunday afternoon press release from Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE: HLF) in which the company proclaimed to the world that two independent labs confirmed that Herbalife is not in violation of California Proposition 65, the Fraud Discovery Institute Inc. (FDI) immediately engaged an international, publicly traded lab to once again test Herbalife’s popular, Shapeworks Formula 1, nutritional shake mix (Lot Number 607738SOO). The results showed that if taken as directed by Herbalife, the shake contains almost 4 times or 296 percent more lead than the amount allowed per day, per product, under Proposition 65 without a warning label for health risk based on excessive lead content