“The Best Marketing Plan in the Industry Just Got Better” (2012)

Marketing Plan – Volume Points Distributors purchase products at 25-50% discount depending on the VP accumulated in the given month and their level in the marketing plan. The price list provides information on VP, prices and discounts for all products. Accumulation of Volume Points (your group’s and your own) will enable you to move up the Marketing Plan.

“The Impact and Importance of Business Metrics”

FUTURE MILLIONAIRE TEAM RETREAT SEPTEMBER 13-16, 2011 PORT AVENTURA-SPAIN HERBALIFE THE IMPACT AND IMPORTANCE OF BUSINESS METRICS Principles Ethics & Morals Image & Self Esteem Product Strategy Training & Support System Producers Leaders Calendar of Events & Promotions Recognition

“Marketing Plan” (2009)

Herbalife ‘Volume Points’ & Price List Herbalife ‘Volume Point’ per product = the same in all countries Understanding the Sliding Scale Distributor 25% discount: 0 - 499 pts Register as a distributor - Purchases an International Business Pack (IBP) from Sponsor Purchases product at 25% discount § 25% retail profit when selling products to the customer Volume purchased by a Distributor from Herbalife is referred to as Personally Purchased Volume (PPV) PPV can be tracked for Distributors and their upline Supervisors on MyHerbalife.com, HerbalifeCentral.com and/or Bizworks

“How to Buy a Million Dollars”

$$$$ HERBALIFE TRAINING $$$$ "How to Buy a Million Dollars" Learn how to make your Money Grow>>Learn how to save $2,000-$8,000 a year on taxes Learn how to manage and multiply your HERBALIFE income>>Learn how to create Financial Freedom for you & your family Training with President's Team Member GRECO GARCIA and His children (Published authors and Herbalife Distributors)Triana & Kostas

“Working with 5k Supervisor Qualifications”

FUTURE PRESIDENT’S TEAM RETREAT 2010 SAN DIEGO, CA DECEMBER 6-8, 2010 Working with 5K Supervisor Qualification Results after 18 months: More than 50% of all DS keep moving Non-volume discounted products have disappeared from the market Supervisor personal volume is constantly growing Motivation for recruiting grows Relations between sponsor and DS improve People love it Less pressure Good for everyone

It’s all About Duplication

US English_STS CD 2011-03-17 47858US_EVT_STSCD_ENG_p8.ppt US English_STS CD 2011-03-17 Herbalife The Marketing Plan Hi everyone Let’s talk about one of the most important parts of our business the marketing plan and

“I Don’t Know About All That, All I Know Is…”

Herbalife Independent Distributor Quickstart Training Marketing Plan Basics Two Income Forms Retail: (25% - 50%) Ø “Quick Cash” Royalty: Ø“Stable long-term income” Supervisor Level 50% retail profit Ø Up to 25% wholesale profit Ø 5% Royalty on 3 levels of Supervisors Ø Monthly Production Bonuses Ø Attend special workshops and trainings Steps up to Supervisor