“Distributor Presentation 2010”

What Makes Herbalife a unique opportunity? 1. Herbalife superior world class Wellness Products 2. Product results of + - 60 million daily users worldwide 3. A comprehensive training and mentoring system 4. Operations in 73 plus countries 5. A 30 year track record of success 6. From US $2 million in 1980 to Us $3.9 Billion in 2009 7. Double digit growth even in recent economic meltdown 8. In excess of 1000 self-made millionaires 9. New millionaire every 3 days – you could be next! 10. This 2-4-1 plan shows you how you can do it in 9 months….

“Employing Yourself”

Herbalife is The Average Person’s and Smartest Person Best Way to Reach Financial Freedom - Herbalife takes the responsibility researching and developing our cutting edge state of the art incredible products - Herbalife manages the employees that serve us - Herbalife will participate in training your organization - Herbalife does the big Promotions we have to do the little ones - Herbalife insures that we get paid every month and even 2 times a month!